Orbital welding: open or closed weld head? Which one to choose?

Orbital welding production lines are a very effective solution for tube assembling.  Using open or closed weld heads will help you to choose the right solution for the various applications of your production. Discover how to choose between these two essential components.

Closed weld heads guaranties a weld with high shielding gas protection

Closed weld heads have a compact design and they are perfect for welding on site with small right sections.
The shielding gas protection of the closed weld heads allows a welding procedure in a perfect inert atmosphere all around the tube. The weld seams are perfectly clean on stainless steel tubes with a wall thickness up to 2,3 mm and a diameter between 6 and 114,3 mm.

This type of equipment is mostly used in industrial areas where hygienic conditions are a must, for example the food and pharmaceutical industry, the production of semi-conductors or aerospace applications. Closed welding heads are also recommended for stainless steel or titan.

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Open weld heads for reduced working place

Open weld heads needs only limited space in order to turn around the tube. This equipment has integrated motorisations (straight or angled position). The perfect solution for welding on site where there is limited space for turning and welding different angles. turning surrounding has few place.

Use open weld heads for welding angles or if the tube configuration of the installation is positioned close together.
As this weld head is open, you can control the welding procedure. But be careful: you will need protection equipment – especially for you eyes – in order to be able to observe the welding without suffering physical damage.

Different cooling equipment is available. The ones with air-cooling are perfect if you need low weight equipment or if you only weld occasionally. Their price is rather attractive

If you weld regularly, we recommend water-cooled weld heads with a much higher duty cycle.

Open or closed weld heads: all the advantages of orbital welding for your welders

No matter if you work with open or closed weld heads – according to the job in hand – you will achieve high performance and added value to your orbital welding. This process guarantees optimum qualities of your welds, complying with the highest standard qualifications required, whatever the number of welds you carry out. This advanced process with a turning torch will help you – without any difficulty – to weld tubes with restricted access. Easy to handle and to operate, these weld heads will complete the standard equipment of your welder.

The different types of weld heads and the many available options will help you to take full advantage of orbital welding

The different types of heads and the available options will allow you to explore all the benefits of orbital welding. To find out more about this welding method, don't hesitate to download our free handbook!

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