What is a stainless-steel Skid?

A skid is a movable frame structure on which a set of industrial equipment and material is fixed. This allows to transport a set of "ready to use" and already assembled functions rather than transporting them one by one and having to assemble them on site.

Using a stainless-steel skid for increased production flexibility

Many tube installations require a certain degree of mobility in order to adapt the production tool to changing applications. In these cases, the skid is often favored thanks to the flexibility of its design.

The Skid is designed to perform a specific function, such as pumping, metering or heating fluids. The entire system is mounted on a frame to provide mobility.


A multitude of functions within the smallest of spaces

The skid is by definition easily transportable to be positioned at different locations within a factory or on different construction sites. Its equipment depends of course on the final application and especially on the industry in which it is used.

In general, it can be understood as an instrument containing measurement and monitoring tools such as flowmeters, sensors and controllers with data acquisition or control systems.

Depending on the application, functional elements complement the system: pumps, tanks and valves as well as heat exchangers and insulation to manage the temperature can be added.

All components are connected by piping including tubes and flanges, and if necessary, by electrical wiring.

Designing a skid, which must combine many functions in a very small space, requires expertise. There are specialized suppliers in this field who design, manufacture and of course perform all the non-destructive testing on this equipment.

Discover how TIG welding can be of help

Typically, these skids are designed at the same time as a manufacturing plant is developed, but it is also possible to upgrade at any time when modifying or extending an existing plant (based on the User Requirement Specification (URS) and the functional and design specifications).

The most complex skids are equipped with a specific software that allows the user to observe the entire process at any time and to intervene if necessary.

Thanks to their ease of use, these skids offer a quick return on investment while simplifying maintenance, reducing production downtime and operational expenses.

You are using a skid in your industry and want to know more about TIG welding? Download our free guide on TIG welding!




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