Why choose an orbital cut for achieving a straight cut?

Do you know the reasons why an orbital cutting machine is the preferred way for cutting tube? Here you can discover at least 8 of them!


Why do people prefer an orbital cut ?

You can consider the question in the following way; it is easy to understand.

With orbital cutting you can obtain:

  • a perfect straight cut of the tube without fatigue
  • a clean cut without burrs
  • quick cutting, you need only about 30 seconds which is quick compared to a standard cut of about 1m30
  • a repeatable process without any error
  • This system can be operated by a qualified worker without any problem, as it easy to handle
  • an investment for a period of at least 15 years
  • amortized within one year
  • a gain in productivity


Advantages of orbital cutting: the users are convinced!

The customers who choose orbital cutting know all about the advantages of the orbital cutting process. But for 99.9 % of the industrial companies this is a recurrent problem. You can refer to the European regulations which represent the the administrative framework of the food industry (CE n°1935/2004) still on on-going development. This standard imposes the type of material to be used (stainless steel type 304 or 316) that will be in direct contact with the processed food (ISO 96 92-3). The choice of these companies for orbital cutting is easy to understand when it comes to achieve a good productivity level, under secure conditions, and easy to use for the workers. We have asked our customers: “Does orbital cutting answer to your requirements? » The answers were positive.

The machines are amortized within one year, as the orbital cutting machines do not suffer of fatigue compared to a human being who is naturally fallible and imperfect.


Why is the orbital cutting a compelling choice?

The regulations are changing in a world of globalisation. If you work with stainless steel tube with a diameter less than 3 mm, the choice of an orbital cutting machine is evident if you have to have to achieve a perfect and homogeneous weld. The imperative position of an industrial company in the field of the food industry is to have a perfect cut of the tubes, without any burrs, without any loss of production, easy to handle under secure conditions.

When you choose orbital machines from a company, acknowledged worldwide for its specialization and its expertise, you have the peace of mind of reliability and confidence.

The choice of an orbital cutting machine has a direct impact when it comes to orbital welding. The way the tubes are maintained during the cutting process is important. The concentric multi-contact clamping with several jaws according to the requested diameter of the tubes is an important condition to achieve a result without any compression of the tube and no burrs.

According to the customers’ needs, this equipment can be used for clamping, cutting and even welding by only one machine.

In conclusion: these are good reasons for choosing orbital cutting and welding equipment from a specialized company. Do not hesitate to contact us.




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