Why is Innovation in Orbital Welding of Vital Importance?

When we speak of innovation in the field of orbital welding, it is important to remember that this is a niche market among all welding technologies and processes. When we talk about orbital TIG welding, we are talking about the automation of welding tubes and fittings.


Orbital Welding: Continuous Innovation to Surprise and Retain Existing Customers as well as Attract New Potential Customers.

Innovation and development can be looked at from two different angles:

  • The improvement by adding new features, better design, ergonomics… to the current machine;
  • Or a technological breakthrough that results in real innovations.

 1. Innovation in Orbital Welding: a Continuing Process

Continuous innovation on existing orbital welding products is essential. In this particular context, it is a matter of adding one or more additional features to a piece of equipment that the customer already owns.

For a welding power supply this may be a simple update of the programming software, the addition of new available add-ons such as an oxygen meter or new options for the management of the cooling of welding heads.

In terms of weld heads, innovation involves proposing new ranges that are adapted to the most specialized and demanding customer applications.

The constant supply of new solutions is very important for companies and businesses, which may be specialized in one area such as the pharmaceutical or food market and because of globalization - need to open up to new markets and become more flexible.

Upgrading their machinery with simple add-on equipment is a breeze since the knowledge of the basic technology is already established.


 2. Innovation by Means of a Technological Breakthrough

Sometimes, when a technology is a bit outdated, a disruptive innovation can be very interesting, because this new product will immediately meet all the customers' needs and offer "made-to-order" features.

Generally, this equipment is easier to use and handle and it will automatically comply with all new norms and standards. The products will thus fit perfectly in the globality of the production chain: from the tube cutting to the final step of orbital welding.

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A Win-Win Relationship

At AXXAIR, thanks to the introduction of new products, other sectors can take up orbital welding. Or, vice versa, a customer who already has welding equipment can - with new welding heads, for example - tap into previously unaddressed markets.

An excellent example of this is the company Ergodeveloppement ! 

If you are already familiar with the technology, programming and equipment handling of welding machines, it's an easy step to take that does not require a big investment. And not to forget: the return on investment is nearly immediate!

To obtain a high-quality weld, which has become the standard requirement in many industries, the entire process from cutting to the final weld must be taken into account.

In an increasingly international world, with constantly evolving technologies and standards, technology watch, listening to customers' needs as well as a reliable partnership are the main factors to respect to not be left behind by the other market players. Therefore innovation in orbital welding is essential.

AXXAIR is right by your side to assist you in your machine renewal as well as to advise you on any new project. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our experts to discuss your project !

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