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Since 1997

Microfit welding


Diameter ø0.125 - ø0.625mm

Microfit closed head with cassettes for orbital TIG welding, powered by SAXX power source

Grease-free operation: compatible with clean room standards

Optimal positioning of tubes and fittings in the cassettes with an optimized clamping system, without risk of deforming the part to be welded

Optimized inert gas diffusion: welds with very limited coloration

Easy maintenance and cleaning : thanks to a tool integrated in the machine body

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Standard Cassette
Wide Sideplate
Thin Sideplate
Driven by SAXX power sources, air cooled
Technical characteristics

-1/8’’ to 5/8’’, ø 3 - ø17.2 mm
-The SAMX-17 is a cassette type orbital welding head. It is controlled by AXXAIR’s power sources.
-The air cooled SAXX-200 orbital power supply is recommended
-The SAMX-17 machine can weld different tube configurations (Tube/Tube – Tube/elbow union– Fitting/Fitting - …), 3 types of siteplates and various accessories are available
- Duty cycle of 70A at 50% and 80A at 40%
- Single integrated tool for disassembling the machine, adjust/change the electrode and position the jaws
- Constant effort cassette locking lever: Stable holding of the cassette, without the risk of over tightening
- Integrated remote control (start/stop, gas and electrode rotation)
- Illuminated logo while welding
- Belt hook
- Weight : 5.5 kg with 8 meters cable
- Delivered in a shockproof case


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