3 reasons to choose Axxair, the expert in orbital technologies

AXXAIR benefits from 20 years experience in orbital technologies. Knowing that small structures are more reactive and flexible, AXXAIR maintains an excellent reputation on the market and is recognized as an expert in this field.

Offering the best solutions for customers to improve quality, speed, productivity and anticipation is the leitmotif that guides us every day.

Do you need a solution for cutting, bevelling or orbital welding? Here you will find 3 reasons why to choose AXXAIR!

1. Global and customized solutions

We simply try to think in different ways and our team is trained with the idea that nothing is impossible: anything is feasible.

Imagining new ways, considering the issues in different way help us to find different and more adaptable solutions. This is what our customers appreciate: a complete approach to their problem and our presence all over the world.

Combining technology and simplicity: this is the perfect duo that wins nearly all the time. This is the DNA that unifies the people working at AXXAIR. This allows us to sell our equipment and services in more than 60 countries worldwide.

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2. Constant growth

The company is a family-owned business and private driven shareholder organization. We started with two people in the beginning and now we are more than 40. Benefits are re-invested every year at several stages: product development, employees’ satisfaction, internal structure and working tools.

In 2017, AXXAIR has doubled the area of the workshop in order to optimize better internal and external customers service.


3. A know-how made in France

Yes, there are still French companies able to produce locally and to export its know-how all over the world.

The “Made in France” label has sometimes been battered, but retains a solid worldwide reputation. This means performance, reactivity for services, and flexibility. These are qualities that are required in a steadily changing world, even if changes – to our regret - not always go in the right direction.

Our concern is always to try to look far in the future and keep the necessary serenity. Since our beginning we always focussed on the human being and we are proud of the fidelity of our employees.

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Écrit par
Frédéric Legrand

CEO and founder of AXXAIR