5 quality features of AXXAIR’s open welding heads

Many companies offer open heads for orbital welding; however, it should be pointed out that it is not just a question of acquiring a tool. The entire production chain must be taken into consideration. This important aspect can be relevant before, during, and even after the purchase of this high-quality equipment. 

Below we listed 5 quality features that are very important to AXXAIR – (French manufacturer of orbital solutions.)


1. Expert advice scaled to your requirements

The entire AXXAIR team accompanies existing and potential customers throughout the global process. We take into consideration the relevant specifications as well as international and internal standards when recommending one or more of our machines for your production site.

The expertise of AXXAIR is not only limited to orbital welding, as we also offer solutions adapted to our customer’s requirements for the preparation of tubes. That includes machines for orbital cutting, squaring, and beveling. 

Find out more about AXXAIR’s after sales services.


2. Support with the set-up

AXXAIR’s clients especially value the on-site support. Welders and welding machine operators are trained on the acquired machines. This not only teaches them how to use the welding equipment, but also provides them with a technical background on orbital TIG welding, the challenges and restrictions, as well as the common sources of error that may occur. 

Particular attention is paid to the operation of our welding power supply, which constitutes the essence of the equipment. Setting up welding programs in the form of a WPS (Welding Procedure Specification) lets the welder or welding machine operator document the welds according to the specifications of their company. This also facilitates obtaining a PQR (Procedure Qualification Record).

When it comes to open welding heads, the experience and knowledge of the welder will be all the more relevant as the use of an open head is more complex than operating a closed head.

Should the customer desire so, AXXAIR technicians accompany the welders on site to ensure that the first welds are executed to perfection!



3. International support 

For large companies with production sites all around the world, the international support offered by AXXAIR is of particular value. 

No matter where your production site is located, we offer support on all five continents thanks to our international employees, our four subsidiaries, as well as our global network. This is one of the major assets of AXXAIRs distribution network.


4. Compatibility with other welding equipment

We say this a lot and we’ll say it again: If you wish to achieve quality welds, you need to understand that preparation is key. This is why AXXAIR develops and supplies equipment for the global process. Every step required for an excellent preparation of the tube (cutting, squaring, beveling) can be done with one of AXXAIRs machines.

Before you decide to invest in a closed ... or open ... welding head, you need to assess your entire production process. This way our customers set themselves apart in terms of quality, performance, speed, and productivity.


5. Quality “Made in France”

AXXAIR, partner of FrenchFab, is proud of its local production in France ever since its foundation in 1997. We guaranty a high level of quality and excellent customer support. These values are deeply embedded in the company’s DNA, a company that has remained true to its founding location: the French department “Drôme”. 

Discover our range of open welding heads by downloading and browsing through our product catalogues. Don’t hesitate to ask our experts for a demonstration of our products! 

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