How to met the challenge of a straight cut with orbital cutting?

How to align two tubes that have not been correctly cut? How to avoid imperfections?

Our recommendations for obtaining a straight cut of the tube!

This is a strategic concern for those who are supposed to weld two tubes previously cut. The only recommendation that we can offer is to use a concentric clamping machine which prepares the tube in a viable way firstly for the orbital cutting and then afterwards the welding.

In order to do so, our recommendations are quite simple:

  • Never use a vice as the random effects do not enable any precision or adjustment of the cuts and you will have great difficulties when it comes to making perfect joints. How are you going to weld tube correctly when there are gaps to be filled?
  • If you wish to have a perfect alignment of the tube, you need a concentric clamping system which respects a straight perpendicular cut on the whole diameter for a cut at 360°. At Axxair, we test our cutting machines before delivery to the customer in order to verify a maximum admitted variation of the perpendicularity of 0,2 mm.

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How to resolve the problem of a straight cut of the tube?

The use of stainless steel is compulsory in some industrial fields where the standards are very high. The gain in time and productivity can only be achieved by a perfect orbital weld without any defects. If you wish to achieve this high quality standard, the preparation of the weld must be done by perfectly defined and respected procedures..

  • Orbital cutting can only be done in a surgical manner if the concentric clamping of the tube has been perfectly realized in a perpendicular way.
  • In order to be able to make straight cuts, you will need to invest immediately in a concentric clamping system adapted to the diameters to be cut. We are specialist in this field and can propose the best performing equipment worldwide.


In order to use an orbital welding system you need a perfect preparation. That is why you may want to use an orbital saw with a concentric clamping mechanism in order to get a square and burr free cut. The choice of a recognized provider in this field is important in order to obtain a perfect quality of the cut.

The choice of patented “Innovative Orbital Solutions”:

The use of a concentric clamping system integrates an OD tracking mechanism in order to take into account a possible ovalization of the tube for beveling and welding. This is an advanced and proven technology, especially adapted for the food processing industry. In fact, the frame of the machine can be turned into a beveling or an orbital welding machine.

The time when we had to depend on the physical strength of a qualified worker and his degree of fatigue is over. This industrial sector looks for excellence and productivity. So only high quality standards using the most effective and advanced techniques are acceptable. The ISO 96 92-3 has to be respected by all actors working in vineyards, dairy, pharmaceutical, water treatment facilities as well as in the nuclear and chemical industry.

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