Intelligence of electric cards of an orbital power source

The TIG orbital power sources control a certain number of axes by means of electronic cards, which can be more, or less intelligent.

The importance of intelligent cards for TIG orbital power sources


The most intelligent electric cards can control nearly all kinds of motors. In this way the power source knows, at any moment, the position of the electrode, as well as the direction of the movement etc.

As previously mentioned, an axis is a motor that has to be controlled. Different types of motors are present in an orbital power source: stepper motors, brushless motors, DC motors. As soon as an axe moves the power source counts the number of rotations of the motor by means of a coder or a tachymeter.

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At which moment does the intelligence of electronic cards makes a difference for the power source?



You can find various electronic cards that are able to control just one or two types of motors. AXXAIR only uses the most sophisticated electronic cards that can control any axes or motor. This is an important advantage for the welder, as he can use any suppliers weld heads.




In practice, how can you define the compatibility between an orbital power source and the different welding heads?


Two different aspects have to be considered.

  • Firstly, the intelligence of the cards in order to control all the axes - and secondly, an adapter kit which permits the mechanical connexion between the welding head and the power source.
  • The second point is the easiest one, as you only need a small interface with the right connectors in order to plug the welding head, of any supplier, to the power source.

All suppliers, of TIG orbital power sources, offer a range of adaptor kits. But if the electronic cards cannot control the right motor, you will have to buy – in addition to the adapter kit – a new electronic card that must be mounted in the power source.

Thanks to the intelligent electronic cards used by AXXAIR, you gain flexibility as we can control – using our standard version – all orbital welding heads. We have demonstrated this directly at our customers’ facility by connecting the welding head of another supplier to show that it works.

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