What are the new features of AXXAIR’s orbital beveling machines ?

Preparation of tubes and pipes is essential for high quality welds. 

Tube end preparation includes several steps that need to be followed prior to welding. Preparation of the bevel is one of the most important steps because it will guarantee a clean and high quality weld.

The beveling process reduces the thickness of the tube allowing welding with wire feed.GA172-MA


The bevel can be realized in two different forms and different angles (click here to understand how to choose the right bevel form). The choice of the form (V-bevel or J-bevel) will be made according to the chosen welding process. 

AXXAIR’s orbital beveling machines use carbide milling heads that rotate at high speed to re­move a large quantity of chips. A single rotation of the tool around the tube is enough to realize your bevel !



What are the new features of our beveling machines ?

1) A powerful and safe motor


Moteur à chanfrein AXXAIRThe new 1550W motor has VTC (Vario-Tacho-Constamatic) full-wave electronics with Thumbwheel system which allows working at customized speeds to suit the application materials. Allowing speeds to remain constant, even under load.

The new motor offers a wide speed range (6 variations) and therefore has more flexibility concerning the different materials of the tubes and pipes.

A 0V safety device has been added to prevent the motor from restarting alone after a power failure. Lastly, a torque limiter has been integrated in the angular gear box as additional mechanical protection.

All these features give this motor a longer service life cycle and a higher drive power.



Do not hesitate to watch this video about our range of X22 orbital beveling machines:




2) Easy setting of the root face by reading on a vernier


Reading by a vernier makes any other adjustment support unnecessary: the machine is easy to use, thanks to its precise adjustment.

Whatever the selected beveling shape (V or J shape), the height adjustment will always be done quickly and accurately.

For a V-Bevel, the value of the vernier shows the height of the bevel, it is up to you to leave a stub of the thickness you want.

In the case of a J-Bevel, the height of the bevel is determined by the selection of the roller mounted on the milling head. Adjusting the stop allows the length of the root face at the end.


3) New high-strength carbide inserts

Plaquettes carbure AXXAIR


Our new carbide inserts make it possible to bevel high alloyed stainless steels such as duplex, inconel or super-duplex. The micrograin inserts are coated with a high wear resistance treatment.




These characteristics of our orbital beveling machines remain :


- Easy maintenance and control by lubrication of the inner parts with the grease nipples and a quick access to the screw beneath the internal cowling

- Robustness of the body: Effective clamping system with an endless screw engaging directly with the cam lock

- No deformation or pollution of the tubes due to the concentric clamping of the stainless steel jaws

- Tool life: Rotation handle for controlled and continuous speed

- External profile tracking system that takes into account the ovality of the tubes

- The Global Process
of our machine bodies. They can be transformed into an orbital cutting and welding machine



You have a project and need machines for your tube end preparation? Do not hesitate to contact us, our team will find the perfect solutions for your needs!


Discover our beveling machines in the new catalogues.

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