Which orbital cutting machine is the best for you ?

Tubes need to be cut perpendicularly square in order to be best prepared for the following welding work. The AXXAIR orbital cutting machines all guarantee a perfectly perpendicular square cut with minimal burring. They also ensure a cut with no deformation or pollution of the tubes thanks to a concentric clamping system with stainless steel jaws.

But how do you decide which of the various available models you should choose?


The Dimensions of the Tubes to be Cut

The first criteria for selecting a machine is the diameter of the tubes you usually cut in your workshop or on site. Rule of thumb: we recommend that you select the machine(s) that can cover 80% of your applications in order to avoid excessive manual corrections when working on your projects. 


... Duplicates?

When you take a closer look at the range of AXXAIR machines, you will notice that some diameter ranges are covered by 2 different AXXAIR cutting machines. So how do you choose the one that works best for your company's needs?

121ECO et 122FS29

Left: Orbital cutting machine of the E.C.O. series
Right: Orbital cutting machine of the x22 series


Materiality and Thickness of the Tubes

The composition and the thickness of the tube also influence your choice of equipment. 

A cutting machine comprises a cutting motor and a frame. The frame is what defines the minimum and maximum size of the tubes that can be clamped and therefore cut with the machine, but it is the motor that will determine the thickness and material that can be cut.

If you only need to cut thin tubes, the 3 machines of our E.C.O. series are perfectly suitable for your work. 

If, however, you want to cut thick tubes or thin and thick tubes, the x22 series is the way to go, as it is possible to change the cutting motor. AXXAIR offers 2 interchangeable motors for this series, a slow and a fast cutting motor, each one suitable for different cutting applications. Naturally, the rigidity of the tube material also influences the choice of motor.


Easy Transition to Beveling and Welding

For more than 20 years, the AXXAIR group has put its trust in the exclusive threefold solution for orbital welding preparation: the global process. In other words: one frame, 3 applications! Your x22 cutting machine can be transformed into a beveling machine and an orbital prefabrication machine.

You can quickly convert your machine by adding a beveling motor with the appropriate miling head for the bevel you want to achieve, or an orbital welding torch with an orbital power supply from our SAXX range. 

You have the flexibility to choose the different options at either the time of your purchase or later on as the need arises.

AXXAIR Global Process


Operating Frequency

A major difference between the two cutting machine series is the rotation handweel. A standard rotation handweel on the x22 series allows operators to work more comfortably without having to manually rotate the motor around the tube. It is the rotation of the handweel that moves the motor forward to make the cut.

In addition to the comfort, the rotation handle also provides a regular tube feed and therefore optimizes the lifespan of the cutting blades

Perfect Chip Control and Easy Maintenance

Are you looking for a machine that is more robust and easy to handle? The x22 series has been re-engineered in 2017 to be even more robust for your heavy-duty jobsites with a worm gear clamping system, directly geared to the clamping cam.

Even though orbital cutting machines don't require a great deal of maintenance, lubrication is paramount to ensure the machine cuts straight. The lubrication of the inner parts of the clamping is done with a grease nipple.

Last but not least, a perfect chip seal is guaranteed on the x22 series. The rotating parts are fitted inside the body of the machine, no moving parts are visible at the back.


Optional Extras: Optimize Your Equipment  

AXXAIR offers a range of accessories and consumables for their orbital cutting machines. Support benches, automatic rotation, electric clamping and many more. Several optional extras are available for both product series, although not all. Check your requirements and compatibility before ordering to make sure the model you choose is compatible with the equipment you need for your business.


All machines from AXXAIR allow for perpendicular square cuts and save your company time and money in your pre-welding preparations. It is up to you to make the right choice based on your company's needs.

Either way: No more scrap tubes due to deformation or improper cutting.


Please do not hesitate to contact our experts to discuss your projects. Download our product catalog to learn more about our range of orbital cutting machines and all other orbital equipment we offer.

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