Why use orbital squaring machines to square thin walled tubes?

It is very important to focus on the squaring of the tubes. Thanks to the portable or fixed machines from AXXAIR, it is easy to bring tubes edges into conformity in an automated mode. Our machines are able to square tube edges of 25, 35 and 115 mm.


The ideal solution for pharmaceutical or semiconductor applications

We are proud to introduce you our facing machine, able to square tubes with thin wall thicknesses up to a diameter range of 221mm !

Here you can download the technical sheet for more detailed information on this machine!

The DC221 is able to:

  • Produce suitably conformed tube edges which are necessary after a low quality and often not straight cut done with a grinding machine or a saw band
  • Bring electropolished tube edges into a workable state in order to avoid any contact between the chips and the polished inner surface of the tube. This type of tube is often used for pharmaceutical or semiconductor applications.


Precise surface conditions

Two different versions of our DC221 squaring machine are proposed:

  • A “portable” version which will be a good option for tube squaring on site for maintenance applications, for instance with the DC221-AM. This version uses a shell clamping system that needs one set of jaws for each diameter.
  • A fixed version with concentric clamping jaws for tube squaring in workshops. The concentric clamping systems permits to cover the whole range of diameters from Ø50 - Ø220mm with no extra jaws needed. This machine is called DC221-BM

These squaring machines are also perfect for the external edge breaking by means of a second tool holder. Whilst using these squaring tools, you will create precise surface conditions, perfect for orbital or automated welding preparation. With the DC221 you can combine simplicity and precision for a large range of diameters.

The main advantage of this big squaring machine - besides the high capacity for different diameters – are in the concentric clamping tools with 6 stainless steel jaws, which will provide you with best quality.


Download our catalogues to find out more about our orbital solutions and don't hesitate to ask for a free presentation!

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