The man-machine interface on a power source

The man-machine interface is the activity between the welders and the orbital TIG power source. This is the main tool through which the welders can coordinate and supervise the welding process.

What is a man-machine interface on an orbital power source?


Generally speaking: all power sources have a man-machine interface (MMI). A power source for manual welding, has an interface that consists of mechanical equipment with buttons, Leds and diagrams. In this example, the MMI has been reduced to the bare minimum to reduce cost.

In the case of orbital TIG power sources, the interactions are far more sophisticated. Communication and control of the welding process is undertaken by means of a more versatile interfaces which offers more functionality like with an industrial remote control or a touch screen.


The war of screens: what is the impact for the user?


Currently, , there is a kind of competition between the suppliers of orbital equipment. Everybody wants to present the biggest screen with some of them integrating laptops in the power source.

AXXAIR has chosen to take a different view on this and feels that the solution is to have the power source as easy to use as possible. To achieve this, our Service and Development Department started by asking the following question: who is meant to operate the power source?

Will the person appreciate having to program 20 to 40 parameters on the screen or will they prefer to be guided, step by step, with less sophisticated equipment?

The welders and operators working with our power sources do not have to be highly trained as we will train them on the simplest use of our power sources. This will allow their focus to be on realizing high quality welds.


Man-Machine Interface: PC Screen or PLC?


Some manufacturers use laptops that utilize the Windows operating system and are, equipped with large screens. In a workshop environment this kind of equipment tends not to hold up as well as more industrial robust solutions.

In addition, the Windows operating system must be upgraded on a regular basis … which has nothing to do with the job of a welder.

On the other hand, the use of a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) has many advantages. It is of sturdy construction and is perfectly adapted for use in an industrial environment. They are also equipped with touch screens and offer the same operational possibilities as a PC.

An industrial PLC not only offers the needed computing power; but is also inexpensive and easy to repair.

AXXAIR uses Schneider Electric screens which are widely available all over the world. Our on-board electronic devices, with intelligent cards for axis control, are combined with a simple and intuitive interface. This interface assists the welder by taking them step by step in the set up simply and logically.

Offered in many language versions, as many other manufacturers, our interfaces are tactile and are colored.

But the most important aspect is, and will always be: the ease of using it. Don't hesitate to download our product catalogues to find out more about our power sources ranges.




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