TIG Power Sources: Liability and quality all over the world

In order to ensure that your equipment provides you with the best quality result, an essential condition to consider is the quality of the main power supply. If this is not respected, you cannot obtain a perfect weld.

The importance of electric power supply for the welding power source


Power supply voltages vary by country. The orbital TIG power sources from AXXAIR adapt themselves automatically depending if you are supplied with 110 V or 220 V. Another consideration is the quality of the electric main supply, as some electricity networks, are not always stable in certain countries.

Variations of electric power supply: what are the consequences on the welds?


It is very important to make sure that the power source is well protected against variations. While an uncertain power supply will not damage the equipment, the results of the weld is dependant on the correct power supply.

Because we use electronic cards in our power sources, a variable power supply can cause residual voltage and give the wrong information to the cards. In this situation you cannot achieve a high-quality weld. An inverter or a current rectifier will need to be used to supply a stable electrical current.

A power source has to be grounded, this is especially important if you are working on-site.

As always: prevention is the best solution ...


AXXAIR, while headquarter in France, has subsidiaries worldwide, including Germany and the United States. This allows us to accompany our customers worldwide, providing training on the use of our orbital TIG welding equipment as well as appropriate, professional advice prior to the installation of the machine. This is also the case for our international network of distributors.

What about the after-sales service for an orbital power source?


Power sources generally don’t need a huge amount of after-sales service. Of course, a screen can break due to an awkward use or an electronic card suffers from an electrical surge, while these issues do not require special skills to repair, our network is here to support you.

More than likely, the welding heads due to their direct contact with the tubes being welded and the heat of the electrode and welding pool have a higher incidence of after-sales service. In all these incidents our after-sales service support team is here for you.


Orbital welding can seem to be complicated for a beginner … What solution is proposed by AXXAIR?


This is a normal question to ask. A company who wishes to start orbital welding but is hesitant, is recommend to start with our cutting machine; which can be adapted to also weld.

This way, the customer becomes accustomed to the quality that can achieve with our equipment. AXXAIR calls this type of equipment - prefabrication machines. You place the tube in a cutting machine, and after the cut you just change the motor to a welding head.

With AXXAIR the user progresses step by step.

Don't hesitate to download our catalogues to find out more about our orbital solutions or ask for a free demonstration.




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