Why to be careful of squaring tubes without burrs?

As orbital welding is an automated or robotized process, a precise and repeatable preparation is absolutely necessary. In fact, if the preparations are not precise enough, as for instance a cut with a bandsaw on a stainless steel tube with a big diameter, the automated welding would not be possible or the results would be very poor.

Why use an orbital squaring machine?

The squaring of tubes is mostly done by a portable machine, that can be transported to the tube on site in order to prepare a high quality finish on tube installations, for example, for maintenance reasons. Due to the fact that this equipment is portable, they are commonly used.

During the squaring, the edge breaking tool will shape the tube section and enhances the surface quality better than any other cutting procedure. When precise surfaces are necessary, the squaring of the tube will be the most chosen solution.

What are the advantages of squaring tubes?

Precise care of tube squaring is an operation that will offer two very interesting advantages according to the applications involved:

  1. Squaring conforms the tube edges with a sufficient quality level, permitting an orbital or automated welding. Squaring is a milling operation, which offers a perfect perpendicularity.
  2. Squaring avoids any pollution by chips at the inner part of the tube. The one and only chip will be directed to the external part of the tube and thus does not scratch the inner surface. If you use electropolished tubes, the case in the pharmaceutical industry, the semiconductor fabrication and many more, this second advantage is most interesting. In these industries the tube is often cut without producing chips (with a wheel for instance) in order to guarantee a good surface quality level for mirror polished tubes! But this cut is not straight, so the squaring is necessary after the cut. Squaring is always realized after a low quality cutting operation and so enables a good quality level for the following processes. The squaring of is tube is also called “finishing operation” after cutting.

Watch our video on the squaring of tubes and microfittings!

De facto, squaring permits to bring the tube edges in conformity after a cut by means of an non precise tool such as a grinding machine, band saws, guillotine saws, alternative saws. All these processes create important scratches at tube edge.

Only an orbital cut with its saw blade offers good quality and a straight and perpendicular cut. Orbital cutting is compatible with most demands.

However, squaring can also been done after an orbital cut in order to enhance even more the surface quality of the tube edge and therefore resulting in a high quality weld!

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